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Ensuring Quality Care

December 31, 2018


The quality of care nurses and caregivers give will affect the patients they serve and contribute to the patient’s stay. The quality of care that is provided is affected by multiple factors. One of the biggest factors that determine the quality of care provided by a nurse, is the quality of life of the nurse.


What happens in someone’s personal life can very easily carry over into their place of work. Issues that add stress to nurses in their off time can linger during working hours and prevent a nurse from focusing solely on providing the best care possible.


One issue nurses face is the lack of financial compensation for their efforts. Nursing isn’t a lucrative position and worries around financials can become evident, even at work. Increasing nurse’s wages will add to the quality of life of nurses and as a result, also increase the quality of care. If nurses’ wages weren’t a concern, more of their time can be devoted to patients.  


Nurses also face the issue of long hours. These long hours will add fatigue to the nurses mentally and physically. Nurses suffering from fatigue won’t be able to perform at 100% and prevents the best care possible from being provided.


Ultimately, the goal of nurses is to provide the best care to patients. Unfortunately, the compensation structure of low wages leads to nurses working long hours and stretches themselves thin with their workload.


Increasing the wages of nurses, and providing a positive supporting environment, will help nurses tackle daily challenges and ultimately, improve the care being provided.     

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