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Understand Stress

November 30, 2018


Nobody likes to be stressed and typically, we try to avoid stress in our days. To avoid stress we first need to get an understanding of the root cause of stress.

Many people assume that stress is caused by external factors. High pressure from work, hectic home lives and random events adding to the stress someone experiences. Outside factors do effect stress levels, but so do internal coping mechanisms.

Let’s say your car has a breakdown on your way to work. The initial event of the breakdown can be an inconvenience, and the thought process after the breakdown is how stress builds. After the breakdown, if your starting thinking about how you’ll be late to work, can’t use the car for your weekend road trip, can’t go grocery shopping or be able to pick the kids up from school, this will add stress. Thinking about these negative outcomes add stress in comparison to an alternative thought process. 

When a stressful situation arises, don’t instantly assume the worst outcomes. Thinking positively in times of uncertainty will prevent unnecessary stress build up. 

Nobody likes stress in their day, but having an understanding of internal and external factors will help anyone deal with stress. 

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