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Preparing Your Winter Body

November 26, 2018


With November wrapping up and winter approaching, changes in the weather will require changes to how you treat your body.

During the winter time, your muscles and joints become less elastic due to the cold weather. Taking the proper time to warm-up the body and stretch accordingly will help prevent new injuries during the cold season. 

During winter, daylight will be limited and it’s important to get some sun exposure when possible. Sunlight gives us vitamin D which helps improve our mood and attitude towards the day. To make-up for less sunshine, try to intake more oranges, milk, and fish, as these foods provide vitamin D. Supplements of vitamin D are also possible. 

It is also important to stay hydrated during the winter season. When it is hot out people try to remember to drink enough water and this is often overlooked in the winter season. Drinking more water will help your skin adjust to the winter season which has less humidity. The cold season can cause dry skin, itchy eyes, and chapped lips. Not to mention its cold and flew season, so make sure to drink enough water. 

Winter time has many challenges, and taking care of your body will help you face these challenges.  

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