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Helpful Pets

October 2, 2018


Interacting with animals has great benefits for your health. Animals help calm people and put issues in perspective. Pet therapy has both physical benefits, and mental benefits.

Pets provide positive physical benefits to recovering humans. Hanging out with pets lowers blood pressure and helps release endorphins which calms humans. During treatment, pets help diminish overall physical pain. Pets can distract patients from issues they are facing and improve the overall morale as well. When hanging out around pet-able animals, take advantage of that situation. The action of petting will be relaxing and, as a result, reduce pain. 

Pets also help with individual’s mental health. Pets will lift spirits and decrease the chances of depression. Pets also provide great company. The process of treatment can be lonely at times and pets love to give the company. Company present can provide comfort, reduce boredom, decrease anxiety and encourage communication/interaction.  

Pets provide many positive effects on the overall well being of humans. To increase physical or mental health, consider getting a pet or undergoing pet therapy.  

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