Eating During an Injury

October 22, 2018

During an injury, many actions can be taken to improve the treatment process. Treatment can include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical rehabilitation. During treatment, diet and nutrition are often overlooked. Fueling your body with beneficial foods will help the treatment process and reduce recovery time. 

Protein is a necessity during the recovery process. Protein helps build tissue in the body, which increases recovery progression. Initially, after an injury, the hurt body part is supposed to rest. During the resting period, the immobilized body will decline in muscle and strength. Protein will help prevent this muscle loss and help build new muscle during the rehabilitation.  Protein is often found in meat, nuts, seeds, tofu, beans, and dairy.   

Fruits and vegetable should also get included in the diet. Fruits and veggies help maintain tendons, skin, muscle, and bones. This food group provides needed vitamins during a time of injury. Specifically, vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce swelling after an injury. Vitamin C can be found in bell peppers, dark leafy greens, broccoli, mango, and tomatoes.    
Food with high fiber should also get incorporated into diets. Physical activity is limited during an injury and often leads to unwanted body fat. Foods high in fiber are more filling and will prevent overeating. Fiber foods also include increased vitamin intake.


Taking care of an injury can come in many forms. It is important to take all steps necessary to improve the recovery process. What you eat, and how you fill your body will affect rehabilitation, so make sure to eat the right food.  

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