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Balanced Health

September 5, 2018

In every life, balancing personal interest with responsibilities can be extremely stressful. Juggling work, family, and friends can add up and increase stress. Monitoring stress and staying in tune with your mental and physical health is extremely important when trying to live a healthy life.


Monitoring mental health is extremely important, and often not checked in on as often as physical health. There is a stigma around mental health issues that don’t get treated as regularly as physical injuries. When treating physical injuries, people are able to specify which area hurts and seek specific treatment; whether that is physical rehabilitation, surgery or other treatment options.


Mental issues aren’t as straightforward in problem recognition, and some require skilled treatment. In addition, many people feel embarrassed seeking help around mental health.  Mental health has this stigma even though 1 out of 5 United States adults have experienced mental illness in the last year.

Other than seeking treatment, people can take their own actions to reduce stress and mental health issues.

•    Good night’s sleep (8hours)

•    Exercise

•    Write out the issue at hand. This will add a new perspective to an issue

•    Chew gum. Chewing gum will increase blood flow to the brain

•    Spend time with loved ones

•    Laugh

Living a healthy life isn’t one dimensional, promoting both physical and mental wellbeing will add value to everyday.



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