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Easiest Way to Prevent Injury

August 22, 2018


Stretching is one of the most simple, yet beneficial methods of maintaining good physical health. 

 Stretching is beneficial before workouts to prevent injuries, after workouts to reduce lactic acid buildup and on days when no workout is scheduled.  Stretching calms the body and is a great relaxation technique. Stretching increases blood flow which reduces recovery time, and soothes muscles. Releasing tension in your body will also reduce stress and decrease headaches.  

Stretching can improve posture and reduce back pain. Imbalances in the body lead to uneven weight distribution which hurts posture. Poor posture can result in pain and future injury. Oftentimes, back pain can be a result of poor posture during a physical activity, or even performing daily activities with the bad posture. Stretching increases the available range of motion and can help combat poor posture. Yoga is a great way to stretch and improve your posture.

Yoga is the balance between the mind and body and being in tune with the signals our body broadcasts. Performing yoga daily will increase range of motion and reduce the chance of future injury. Yoga can be done from practically anywhere, and YouTube has some great videos for beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners. When attempting a new position in yoga, gradually work your way into it. Yoga has great benefits with stretching and monitoring breathing, but some positions require practice and high levels of physical abilities. Be sure new yoga positions are within your physical capability and remember that yoga should be used to make you feel better, not push yourself to injury.  

Yoga is one form of stretching along with many more. Daily stretching will make you feel better both mentally and physically, and this only requires 15 minutes out of your day.      

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