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Maintain healthy relationships throughout your life

August 14, 2018


Being a caregiver is hard work. The task is physically demanding and can drain on the psyche of a caregiver. Caregivers can also gain valuable relationships through their work as well. 


Caregivers work one-on-one with patients and experience their daily highs and lows. Depending on the outcome, it can be a challenge in keeping a healthy relationship through these highs and lows. Typically the progression with caregiving is very slow, constantly testing the patience of caregivers. 

Caregivers having a positive mindset around their patient is extremely important. The attitude and mindset of the caregivers will be embraced by the patient receiving care. If a caregiver has a negative attitude towards the patient, the patient can replicate the attitude and internally feel like a  burden on others. If the patient has a negative attitude toward receiving help then this will delay the mental and physical health recovery process. Caregivers can promote positive attitudes towards patients by taking care of themselves and coming to work with a positive outlook. This will lead to a healthy relationship with a patient.      

Caregivers also need to maintain their relationships with partners, family, and friends. Caregivers time is taken by patients, and occasionally the feelings around caregiving can translate into other relationships. Establishing time for others is extremely important for caregivers, and healthy communication is a must. Caregivers need support and many times this will come from family or friends. Caregiving is demanding and everyone needs support from time to time. Balancing relationships around work is important in any industry, but especially around the demanding task of caregiving.  Setting aside time to talk and having open channels of communication will a partner will help maintain the strength of the relationship. 



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