Rehabilitation Therapy

Enter the therapy gym at Shuksan and you will immediately notice that we are different.

Our in-house, Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists are encouraged to think outside the box while providing quality rehabilitation care.

While medications and regulations are addressed with stringent attention to detail by our nursing team, our therapy team is able to capture each resident’s unique needs with individualized treatment plans that not only accomplish their rehabilitative requirements but also fulfill their emotional needs. By encouraging residents to actively engage in therapy that is motivating, fulfilling and beneficial at the same time, we are providing full-circle care that leaves a resident not only feeling physically stronger but also emotionally rewarded.


Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists focus on maximizing our residents’ function after injury, illness or surgery with a goal to improve strength, balance, coordination or adaptation to one’s environment. Safety is our number one priority when implementing any kind of therapy plan.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists are here to support our residents in performing activities that will help them be successful at home. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, dressing, community outings, or performing self-care, our residents are guided toward maximum self-sufficiency.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists focus on communication and swallowing impairments. Our speech therapists are equipped to design a program catered to meet individualized needs allowing the highest possible level of function.


Our Approach Is All About You

We take the time to get to know you as a unique individual and develop a personalized treatment approach. In addition to traditional therapy techniques, we try to find ways to incorporate your personality and learning style. Along with using weights, you might find yourself throwing the ball for Prince, our resident dog; picking flowers in the courtyard; or practicing your putting stroke.
Because we are privately owned, we are not constrained by corporate guidelines which dictate the therapy you will receive. We have the flexibility to support your recovery whether it is accompanying you to a doctor’s appointment, training family members to assist you into the car for outings, or conducting a home safety assessment.
You will find that our care, while professional and expert,
is dictated by the individual.


The Therapy Team

Jennifer Bauer

Lead Physical Therapist

Jen has been the Lead Physical Therapist at Shuksan since 2009 and has specialized in geriatric rehabilitation since 2001.
Jen has a great sense of humor and enjoys working with a team that encourages thinking outside the box to provide individualized patient care. Her devotion runs so deep that she bought a house a few blocks away. 
Jen lives with her husband,
Trent, and beautiful daughter,
Emma, who was born in 2015.

Dan Mills

Occupational Therapist

Dan joined Shuksan as an Occupational Therapist in 2016 and has extensive experience in Skilled Nursing Therapy. Dan has many complex responsibilities, including conducting home evaluations, interacting with our interdisciplinary wound team, and helping his patients find safe, satisfying and cost-effective solutions to returning home.
Dan enjoys golf and weightlifting.
Most of all, Dan loves time
with his wife and two daughters.

Gabby Fink

Occupational Therapist

Gabby joined Shuksan in 2016 and has specialized in brain injury and neurological rehab for a majority of her career. She graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 2008. She provides individualized care involving the patient's families and Physical Therapists to ensure a safe discharge.
She enjoys traveling with her husband, hiking and visiting her home state of Texas to visit family.

Dale Nakatani

Rehabilitation Manager

Dale joined Shuksan in 2009 as Rehabilitation Manager, although he has worked as a Physician Therapist Assistant for the past 25 years. Dale enjoys spending time with his wife of 37 years and their dogs Primo and Brindle. He also has a fantastic bowling game and has bowled a perfect game! Dale uses that same drive to help each resident reach their goals.

Kim Gong

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Kim joined Shuksan in 2016 and has quickly proven to be a valuable member of Shuksan’s therapy team. Kim has a sincere and committed approach to each resident he serves. Kim received his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Washington State University in Pullman. He enjoys exercising and hiking with the family dog and most of all time with his new bride.



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