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Nutritional & Dietary

Maintaining optimal nutritional health is so very important for our residents and we take the responsibility very seriously. Our registered dietician works directly with our residents so that we can meet and exceed their dietary needs for each meal, every day.

We make sure there’s always variation to keep our residents excited. The kitchen and dietary staff genuinely care about every resident. We strive to meet each residents nutritional needs through fresh, healthy, and flavorful culinary style. 
Meals are prepared and cooked by hand under the knife of our dedicated cooks.  We pay particular attention to resident choices and strive to accommodate the most unique requests.
Every diet is carefully reviewed to ensure each ensure there is no exposure to allergens or harmful foods.

There are a variety of choices on the daily menus to ensure residents have lots of options. 

Making our residents feel comfortable and giving them the ability to choose what they want day to day is very important to the kitchen team.