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When is a skilled nursing facility needed?

Skilled nursing is generally needed after an incident that requires hospitalization due to injury or illness
whereby skilled care is required and not available to the patient at his/her home setting. Speak with your
doctor or a member of your healthcare team to see if skilled nursing facility care is appropriate. Early
discussion should allow time for everyone to participate in developing a plan of action.

What is skilled nursing and rehabilitative care?

A skilled nursing facility provides nursing care and rehabilitation services to people with illnesses, injuries or
functional disabilities. Most facilities serve the elderly. However, some facilities provide services to younger
individuals with special needs such as the developmentally disabled, mentally ill, and those requiring drug
and alcohol rehabilitation. Skilled nursing facilities are generally stand-alone communities, but some are
operated within a hospital or broader retirement community.

Shuksan Healthcare Center is a privately-owned, stand-alone community with sister facilities in Anacortes,
WA. Our general census is the elderly population and we do not provide targeted skilled nursing care for
those requiring drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

How will I know which skilled nursing facility to choose?

If your loved one is in the hospital, you may speak with your nurse case manager to select a facility that
best matches your loved one’s needs. The nurse case manager will be able to help you in your decision
making process. Placement often happens very quickly once this decision is made. We are happy to
provide guided facility tours so that you can make an educated decision based not only on the quality of

care we provide, but also on the impression you will undoubtedly receive from our friendly staff and home-
like atmosphere. We understand the duress this process may put you and your loved one under, so our

team is thoughtful and here to help however needed.

Why can’t I stay in the hospital rather than go to a skilled nursing facility?

Hospitals are designed for patients who have serious medical problems that can be treated only in a
hospital. Insurance companies can review and stop insurance benefits when you no longer need acute
hospital care. Insurance coverage may continue, based on your individual needs, when you are relocated
to a skilled nursing facility for continual rehabilitation.

Do you offer independent living?

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Can I leave the skilled nursing facility and return home?

Residents always have the right to leave a skilled nursing facility if they choose to do so; however, we
highly encourage residents to speak with their physicians prior to making such decisions.

Who pays for care in a skilled nursing facility?

Depending on your situation, you will either be covered by your Medicare plan (after a 3-day hospital stay),
an HMO, be “private pay” (you use your own funds) or will be covered by Medicaid. You should check with
your insurance company to learn more about your skilled nursing coverage and the varying stipulations that

What is Medicare and what does it cover?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
Services (CMS) for people ages 65 and over and for certain disabled people under 65. Get more
information about Medicare by visiting or speak to our Admissions Manager by
calling Shuksan Healthcare Center at 360-733-9161.

What is the difference between skilled and custodial care?

A skilled service is a service that has to be provided by a licensed professional (i.e., therapy services,
wound care, dressing changes, tube feedings). A non-professional (i.e., family or friend) can provide
custodial care. Custodial needs are generally chronic and occur when the individual requires ongoing
supervision and assistance with activities of daily living (i.e., bathing, dressing, eating, and medication).

Why should you choose Shuksan Healthcare Center for you or your loved one?

At Shuksan, we treat the whole person and not just an individual’s physical needs. By following the
principles of The Eden Alternative, our residents receive continual care from a standpoint that is truly
different from other area skilled nursing facilities – the resident really does come first with us.