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We operate from a resident-centered way of thinking whereby all skilled, clinical and recreational interactions are completed in a manner that puts the resident’s physical and emotional needs first. Our team supports this approach though compassionate, thorough and efficient care protocols.

It is a philosophy that encourages residents to engage in the development of their individual care plans, affording caregivers the flexibility to think outside the box.

Shuksan Healthcare Center has proven time and again to be different from other skilled nursing facilities. By creating a welcoming environment that meets resident needs on all sensory levels, we have created a healing atmosphere that one can’t deny.

Jim Roe


Jim Roe


Jim purchased Shuksan Healthcare Center in 2001. An entrepreneur and highly-respected businessman, Jim is also the owner of Fidalgo Care Center, Rosario Assisted Living, San Juan Assisted Living and Green Cliffs Lodge, all of which are located in Anacortes, Washington.

Jim has been in the nursing home and healthcare profession for more than three decades. He is passionate about wage equity among caregivers and has spearheaded the Caregiver Justice Project as a result with the goal of bringing awareness to the mounting issues of low wages and caregiver shortages.

In his free time, Jim is a proud, loving father to his two children, enjoys boating, volunteering and being an active member of his community.

Mark Michaels

 Shuksan Administrator

Mark joined Shuksan in 2018. He has spent over 25 years working in healthcare, starting as a NAC and working his way to becoming a licensed Nursing Home Administrator in 2004. For Mark, working at Shuksan is about serving the people he works for, which includes his residents, their families, and his staff. Mark puts his energy and motivation into making the people around him feel valued on a daily basis. He is frequently out on the units, whether conducting his daily rounds, problem-solving a staff issue or spending time residents, visiting or participating with them in activities. Mark’s philosophy that he lives by is “Our residents do not exist because of us; we exist because of our residents.” Mark embodies this quote in the service he gives to Shuksan every day and continues to maintain his NAC license to be able to assist his residents and staff.


Our Team

When you choose Shuksan Healthcare Center, you’re choosing to live your life to the fullest! Our immaculate Skilled Nursing Facility was designed to be a focal point for the wellbeing of our community. A wide variety of customizable services awaits, each developed and delivered by our skilled staff members to help make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. Enjoy access to all of the programs and facilities you want in a welcoming atmosphere.




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